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A Curated Shopping Experience


We handle the shopping for you.


Option 2

The Architectural Salvage Backlog

A Curated Shopping Experience

Here at Denver Squared, we are one part preservationist, one part SEO expert, and one part personal shopper. We leverage our talents at finding diamonds in the rough to find you the perfect piece for your remodel or renovation.

With our curated shopping experience, we thoroughly scope your project, make design recommendations, and ensure that a successful search is even possible, before we get started. Any dedicated project jumps to the front of our sourcing queue and nets you a curated list of antique pieces that are ready to purchase.

Typical Project Timeline

Design Kickoff Meeting

3-5 days

We document all design needs, specifications, timelines, and budgets. If needed, we review visual examples so that we can further constrain scope. We then work up a quote with design details for your approval. As soon as your deposit is received, we start sourcing!

Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

2 weeks

We complete an exhaustive search for antiques or architectural salvage pieces that meet your project requirements. Our team works with local stores as well as online retailers to find you the best pieces at the best prices in the most efficient ways possible.

Curated List Review

1 day

We lay out all of your options in a detailed presentation that we review over a video call. Most of the time, clients fall in love with one (or more!) of the pieces and then we negotiate and coordinate transportation with the seller within a week. Occasionally, a client realizes that they'd like to adjust or further constrain the search to a more targeted style. Then we simply adjust the project to accommodate additional sourcing.

Follow-on Work


If you the piece you select needs a little bit of work, fear not! We have a large group of carpenters, craftsmen, and restoration companies that we work with to bring a piece back to its former glory. We can recommend vendors, or we can make things turnkey and handle the quoting, vendor selection, and/or project management for you in a follow-on project.

If you already know exactly what you need, but your timeline is flexible and you want to save money, we can add your desired items to our architectural salvage backlog. If we come across an item during the course of our more formal sourcing work, we will send you photos via email or text with a price to purchase on the spot. We'll send you a Venmo request to cover the cost, and then we'll coordinate transportation, as necessary.


While this is the least expensive way to find a piece, it helps if you are responsive and decisive. As they say, if you snooze, you lose.

The Architectural Salvage Backlog

Curated Shopping Experience
Antique farmhouse sink, walnut table and library ladder are antiques sourced by Denver Squared
Antique lighting in boxes from an architectural salvage sourcing trip
Architectural Salvage Backlog

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